Foiling the Foolage of Social Media

Social Media is EVERYWHERE!  Duh!  It is becoming a regular part of our everyday life.  People of all ages and backgrounds use it.  With 2016 being an election year social media has been flooded with political posts, and we all know that one super opinionated person who shares them all…  However, what you may not know – IT USES US TOO!!!

You heard me right: Social Media sways our political views.  But nobody seems to notice!

joker meme

Joker Meme

Us, being young people seem to be the most blind!  We’re too caught up in popularity, generation appeals, humor, and easy accessibility, to realize that we’re being FOOLED by Social Media!  It’s time to wake up and rub the internet crust out of our eyes.

You should really check out my fun blog: “Social Media’s Foolage on Young Voters” to discover all the dirty tricks we’re falling for.  Go ahead, click on the link!  We all know you’re just killin’ time anyways… 😉

Now that you know more about our gullibility, it’s time to rise above it!

duped meme

You Mean…? Meme

Yes!  We are going to fight for Social Media liberty together.  No soldier left behind!  First, we have to go through pioneer training!  Don’t worry, there’s only five simple steps…

Step #1:  Watch/Read primary sources

I know you and I aren’t catching tickets to attend the hottest new presidential debates or campaign speeches, but that doesn’t mean it’ll kill you to watch them on the news channels.  It’s important to gather political information straight from the candidates and not the funniest Viner.  When we watch political debates as they happen, we are rounding up raw data.  We need the sources to be true and honest, otherwise we’re losing insight and falling for tricks!

Example of valid primary sources:

Step #2:  Beware of tampered sources

WARNING!  Keep away from sources that do not provide fair perspectives, or have bias.  Bloggers tend to lean towards a certain side of arguments and present their side more strongly and shoot down the opposing views.  If we use these kinds of sources as primary sources, then the data we gather is not raw, but cooked with a secret seasoning.  We need to avoid social media posts that depict issues or politicians with favoritism.  We are training to be pioneer-like soldiers in the world of social media domination and we can’t allow any brainwashing in this brigade!

Example of tampered secondary sources:

Step #3:  Avoid peer pressure on social media

Peer pressure can either make or break you soldier!  Don’t jump on bandwagons just because Sally Mae and Bobby Joe are…  If you fall gullible to peer pressure, you might find yourself throwin’ shade on a presidential candidate and not even know why.  “So, why do you hate Ted Cruz?”  I don’t know.  Everyone does, right?  *buzzer sound*  Wrong!  What good does it do to form an opinion based off of someone else’s opinion?  None.  It’s mindless and unoriginal.  No copycats tolerated here!  Keep a movin’, soldier!

Example of peer pressure hatin’:

cruz meme

Ted Cruz Meme

Step #4:  Learn via self-education

Go digging until you can’t dig anymore!  Double check all the information that you have found, even if it came from credible primary sources.  We can’t give into the silver platter information spoon fed to us by social media.  By doing research of our own, self-education is a great way to combat the foolage of social media.  This way we are dodging shells of biased opinions and social media bandwagons altogether.  We need to learn to idenify the difference between social media fact and reality fact.  Self-education is the key!  If we crack due to gullibility we’re doomed!

Check out these hilarious GULLIBLE people:

Step #5:  Develop your personal opinion, on your own!

Your training is almost complete, but this is one of the most important steps…  We know how to tell good sources from the bad, we know to ignore peer pressure and social media bandwagons – but the most vital part is forming your own personal opinion given all of the above acquired skills and knowledge.  This step ensures your survival and badge of honor after fighting for Social Media liberty.


Huzzah!  You have completed your training!  Go forth and be original, be educated, and be a young pioneer in this age of social media world domination.  Encourage your peers and family to also take up their arms against social media political propaganda.

I know what you’re thinking: Why should my opinion matter that much?

Well… let’s not forget that we are the future!  One day we will be the face of this country.  So what kind of face do you want to put out there?  A mindless zombie kind of face?  A fool’s face that has caved to social media?

NO!  We want to put our best, educated, honest, and pioneering faces out there!  We need to form healthy political ideas of our own!

Some might think that I am bashing the whole concept of social media, but I assure you I am not.  I am bashing, however, the concept of letting social media shape our political views, of bending our beliefs, of cloning popular ideas that have no value.

If you still do not understand why becoming a pioneer voter in this age of social media is crucial, you seriously need to hit up my first blog: “Social Media’s Foolage on Young Voters

Social Media threatens our individuality.  Stay vigilant.

  • Know the credibility of your sources
  • Avoid social media bandwagons
  • Form your own political beliefs

uncle sam meme

Uncle Sam Meme



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