Religious views preventing birth control coverage

birth-control-pills            Birth control has one main use that everyone can understand from the word itself – controlling birth.  There are several different forms of birth control that can be taken in order to control birth, but the main one discussed is the birth control pill – or oral contraceptive pill.  The pill contains estrogen and progestin in order to regulate the hormones in a women’s body.

While yes, the birth control pill is taken by women in order to prevent and unplanned pregnancy, it is also used for a number of other conditions.

These conditions include:

More details about the effects birth control pills have on these medical conditions can be read about at Center for Young Women’s Health website

While yes, the birth control pill is used mainly for the preventative measures it takes on pregnancies.

Guttmacher institute says that

one-third of teen users rely on the pill exclusively for these purposes

A study done by Rachel K. Jones of Guttmacher Institute shows that

nearly 14% of women who take the pill –about 1.5 million – use it for noncontraceptive purposes.

So if this pill is that beneficial to women who have these symptoms, then shouldn’t they be able to obtain this hormone with their insurance?  Why are some insurances allowed to deny coverage of birth control based?

Women are slut-shamed for trying to put in an effort to give women with any insurance the right to have contraceptive coverage.  The media, men, other women, should not be shaming these women who either want to prevent an unplanned pregnancy or want to alleviate symptoms of any of the previous medical conditions.

In 2012, the Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke scandal was a public proof of the shaming women have to go through just by fighting for a right.  Fluke was branded as a “slut” and “prostitute” by Limbaugh just because she was fighting for women’s right to birth control coverage.

           For more information about this scandal, visit the Washington Posts article

Since this scandal broke out 4 years ago, the government has passed new laws and the coverage of birth control was altered slightly.  During this public shaming, the government had granted the right to employers to deny their employees coverage of contraceptives.  This ability has since been slightly cut back.

According to the Affordable Care Act,

all plans, [excluding some], must provide at least one method from each of the 18 FDA approved birth control categories at no out-of-pocket costs

Read more about the Affordable Care Act at their website

What about the women suffering with any of these conditions who work at the exempt plans?  Do these women not have just as much right to the birth control methods that could ultimately help their condition they are in?

The plans that are exempt are:


It is not right to disallow these women to not have the same access to the birth control just because their insurance plans fall under the ones the government claims are “exempt” from coverage.

Since the Hobby Lobby case in 2015 was settled, most places now cover birth control in their insurance plans, but does that mean the fight is over just because most providers give coverage?

Now, even if these women are refused contraceptive coverage at no cost, there are other ways they can get their hands on the oral contraceptive pill if needed.  There is no way to obtain the pill with no out-of-pocket pay, but it can be purchased at a lower cost.  The lowered cost is roughly $50 for each month of pill package.

The main way women who do not have the right to birth control can receive it is from organizations like Planned Parenthood.  Although this is a way to obtain birth control without coverage, Planned Parenthood’s across the nation are suffering from for cutbacks on funding because of protests.


Women were grateful when the law passed by the Obama Administration in 2015 stated that only some employers were exempt from the mandatory coverage of birth control on health plans.

We, as citizens, men and women, need to stand up and fight for those remaining women who work for religious employers who deny coverage of birth control!

ALL women deserve the right to ALL contraceptive methods

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